BPM is all about getting hands-on with the latest DJ equipment from high quality and respectable brands, and getting to see these products in action on the demo stage. This open space greets thousands of visitors and gives them the chance to get their hands on the best equipment from a huge list of big-name brands, meet industry experts and fellow amateur and professional DJs.

Day two has seen a packed line-up of demos, workshops, performances, and panel sessions in which visitors could get stuck in, expand their knowledge and learn vital tips, tricks and gain advice from professionals. No matter what level of experience you have or what area of the industry you are interested in there has been something for everyone so far at this year’s BPM/PRO.

Following a successful first day, here at the Gearooz exhibition truck we have given our customers the chance to purchase our new own brand lighting and get exclusive deals and offers on many product packages. Our mobile showroom is still a huge talking point to many visitors and we are so pleased with the positive reaction.

Starting the day afternoon’s events was a “check out my tune mate” panel session from Labelworkx discussing the right and wrong ways to get DJs, artists and record labels to listen to your track.

Then the “under the hood” session by Chauvet DJ took centre stage as it displayed an interactive session with product specialists from Chauvet. Providing tips and tricks on what to look out for and the necessary processes to go through to ensure you get the maximum life from your moving head fixtures. If you needed a problem solving the product specialists was on hand to show you the common faults that appear with moving head maintenance, and the best way to solve these issues yourself.

Following the panel session the Chauvet arena saw both Chauvet professional and Chauvet DJ give the visitors a light display and full product demonstration featuring some of the latest techno logy in a real club environment.
Following the afternoons events this not to be missed set was packed with visitors flocking to see a  DJ Kutski  in action performing his dance set in style.

The remix culture panel and Q&A included Jez Willis (Utah Saints), Greg Marshall (Association for Electronic Music), Ashley Howard (PRS For Music) and Yvette Chivers (B-Side Project). Discussing how music collaboration has grown over the years and how it benefits artists and producers. They also informed us on how technology has developed to assist this and the legal implications of collaboration and sampling.

For those visitors that dream of a job in the industry the LEARN panel talk offered amateurs advice on how to get their foot in the door and what options are available to them.

The DMX 101 panel taught users how to take control of their lighting using the built in sound to light functions on their fixtures. Ian (surname) from ADJ took us through the basic principles of DMX and how easy it really is to start building your lighting show.

BPM/PRO is the only place to witness special effects, expand your knowledge, and watch fantastic performances from the hottest DJs. A fun-filled event for the world’s most passionate, we can’t wait to see what the final day has in-store.