Gearooz is proud to present the arrival of the latest MIDI controller from Denon DJ. The new MC7000 is a four-channel controller that comes with two USB ports enabling users to connect up to two laptops for easy switchovers, two 6” touch-sensitive jog wheels with 16 performance pads and dedicated key sync and key change controls.

The MC7000 is smaller than the MCX8000, although it looks similar the MC7000 has unique features including with twin USB jacks, key change controls that let you match musical keys of songs, harmonise key signatures or change them for on the fly mixing and performances.  A compact controller, it is ideal for DJs who prefer to use a laptop running Serato DJ and for those who want to use time code vinyl or CDs.

Designed with two audio interfaces allowing DJs to go back-to-back on their DJ software of choice, the MC7000 has been built with superiority in mind. This controller offers great functionality, reliability, and superb aesthetics.  

The MC7000 comes with a full copy of Serato DJ, making it a perfect choice for the mobile or club DJ. In addition, three creative expansion packs are included; Pitch 'n' Time, Flip, and Video. The Pitch ‘n’ Time lets users select a cut point and exchange the track up or down to produce pitch changes. Serato video enables users to add impressive visual effects, feature stunning transitions, and blend FX that will enhance your DJ set and make it one that is unique.

The duo 130mm platters feature sensitive design alongside LED displays giving the user feedback to improve their performance in real-time. The multi-input mixer means using analogue and digital methods is simple and effective.

An ideal choice for the mobile or club DJ the MC7000 is now available online.