DJiT have unveiled their new iOS app, edjing mix. Founded and based in Paris, DJiT designs, develops and markets mobile music apps.  In addition to its wide range of music apps, DJiT has launched its first connected device the Mixfader, a Bluetooth scratch crossfader.

Mobile DJ apps are improving and with the increasing power capabilities put into smartphones, and the recent launch of Apple’s iphone 7 there has been no better time to welcome the new and improved edjing Mix. It is the 6th edition in the DJ app series and includes a drum pad sampler, a convenient interface, DVS time code control, and Smart Volume which allows user to adjust the gain and volume of tracks without compromising the sound quality.

Voted “Best App of 2015” by both Apple and Google, and recently showcased in official iPhone 7 webpage, this edjing app is the most advanced version ever and now features hardware integration, a brand new sampler and a selection of advanced audio tools.

The app has a new brand new user interface that simplifies controls making it easy to use for professional and novice DJs alike. It now supports MIDI and DVS (digital vinyl system) enabling users to connect together two vinyl turntables or connect a MIDI controller. edjing Mix can be used with standard audio vinyls and time-coded vinyls and it enables DJs to apply FX and record.

The app offers a realistic mixing experience and it is considered to be an efficient tool for any user. Each feature is accessible in one touch and users can control several effects at the same time and all of which are displayed even during browsing. The coloured drum pads can trigger high-quality sample sounds on top of their music at any time to enhance their mixes.

All of these features combine and make edjing Mix a main solution for DJs who want to perform while giving beginner DJs the practice they need to become an even better DJ.

The app integrates Deezer and SoundCloud and includes all the DJ essentials such as plenty of audio FX, hot cues, pitch, perfect beatmatch and more. This makes a DJs library more extensive and allows DJs to record and share mixes right from the app. With all of that the app also has the ability to share mixes to all social media platforms.

The app available on the App store and it is optimised for iOS 10 and takes advantage of the latest audio technology available to mobile devices. It will soon be available on Android.