Public liability cover is an important consideration for any DJ. Many DJ’s invest serious money into having the best and the latest equipment, so it is important to have protection in place for yourself and your gear.

Anyone who comes in contact with the public whether that is at a wedding, party, or disco then you must have public liability insurance. Providing this kind of protection is also not just necessary to your equipment but also to your audience in case someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business.

In the event that a member of the public does injure themselves or suffers a loss as a result of your business then public liability insurance will be there to cover you.

Many companies and venues will only hire DJs who have public liability cover and although venues may have their own public liability insurance, in the event that there is an accident caused by the DJs actions then they would prefer that a DJ claims responsibility on their insurance, and not affect the venues premium. This makes it essential for a DJ to purchase the right type of cover as having no insurance can also damage a DJs reputation making it possible for future venues to turn you down and not hire your services.

There so many possibilities that anything can go wrong during your set, for example, speakers or lights could fall off their rigging and potentially injure someone, a member of the public can trip over a cable, or there could even be a fire caused by a piece of malfunctioning equipment.  So public liability insurance will ensure you don’t have to pay a substantial bill in the event that anything did go wrong.

No DJ can predict what might occur during an event and if your equipment causes damage to a venues premises and property it is likely that the company will take action against you and that could even include a small scratch on their dance floor caused by your heavy equipment.

Public liability insurance provides financial help and will cover any damages or compensation that is owed to a third party if they take legal action against you. It can also cover legal expenses for both parties and pay out expenses to a range of third parties including members of the public who attended your event, sub contractors, and the venue itself that hired you.

However it is also possible that your equipment could be damaged by an audience member spilling a drink on your controller or damage could be caused by an employee at the venue. It is even possible that your equipment can be stolen or get lost, so the insurance will cover any costs you have repairing or replacing your gear.

Many insurance policies only cover DJs for incidents that happen in the UK but it is possible to ask for your cover to be stretched overseas so if you are a travelling DJ who likes to gig abroad then you don’t have to worry about not being covered.

Taking out the appropriate policy and choosing the right company is important and DJs can choose a range of features to build their policy including cover for their vinyl, CDs, laptop and other equipment. Companies such as DJ Guard and Mobile DJ Network are reputable companies and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Having public liability insurance will give any DJ peace of mind when gigging.