For someone starting out in music and mixing the Pioneer starter pack is perfect, including a midi controller, headphones and monitors it has everything you need to get mixing. A great Christmas gift for a beginner, the compact DJ software controller lets you mix music and add effects via the rekordbox. Alongside that the new DM-40 speakers that are included give high quality sound for a high quality performance. And lastly sleep HDJ-700 headphones which allow you to monitor your mixes with clarity.

 With a simple and easy set up all you have to do is connect the products to each other, install the rekordbox DJ software and your ready to go. The controller features all the controls you need to learn to mix seamlessly, including play/cue buttons, EQ knobs, tempo sliders, a crossfader and jog wheels for scratching, a complete set of controls to give you the chance to play around and let your creativity run wild.  

 For that tech savvy artist, you can also use an iPad which neatly sits at the top of the controller to give you the perfect viewing angle. The full package is available to order now in time for Christmas so don’t miss out! Head over to to secure yours now.