We are currently in the heart of festival season, so here at Gearooz we have listed our top festival tips to help you plan and prepare for your weekend ahead, and ensure it runs smoothly.

1.    Travel light- Leave your valuables at home but bring a spare pair of socks and a jumper in case you have a rainy weekend.

2.    Give your tent a once over or set up your tent beforehand to avoid frustration and disappointment when you realise you have a missing tent pole, or a big hole in the top of your tent.  It is important to make sure you tent will hold up against the elements – no one likes a soggy sleeping bag.

3.    On arrival pitch your tent in a good spot-near a landmark but definitely not at the bottom of a hill, next to walkway, or near the toilets!

4.    Bring a travel size sun cream to avoid crippling sunburn when you are standing among the crowd by keeping your SPF topped up.

5.    Festival food can be pricy so bring snacks and tinned food.

6.    Bring plenty of cash to avoid losing your bank card and to avoid those high ATM charges.

7.    A roll of bin bags can make handy ponchos, are good to put muddy wellies on, put dirty clothes in and of course good to tidy up around your campsite.

8.    Attach a unique flag or a helium balloon onto your tent; this will enable you to find your campsite when you are stumbling back from the main-stage late at night.

9.    Gaffa tape is perfect for those last minute DIY solutions whether it be taping up a tent hole, securing a backpack, or fixing your shoes.

10.    Take an old phone; the battery lasts longer (especially on airplane mode) and they are pretty much indestructible.

11.    Choose a meeting spot- if you lose your friends chances are they will blend in with the large crowds so pick an accessible meeting point.

12. Have fun!