WOW...Frankfurt Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound is huge!

I really didn’t understand the concept of how large these shows would be until I began walking around them. You could see everything; light shows in arenas, huge halls of musical instruments, extensive PA stands and large scale stage spaces, both inside and out. This show has it all and more.

So let’s talk about some of the latest, new and exciting products I got to see during my time in Frankfurt.

It is safe to say that this is the year of Denon. If the rumours are true (and I hope they are) we all need to watch out because this brand is coming back stronger and better than ever.

The MCX8000 is a well-built piece of equipment and with its new price point, this controller provides us all with the ability to finally leave the laptop at home and take our music with us! For those who are not as excited as I am by this prospect, simply close the laptop lid and use the built in screens to navigate your favourite DJ software. The familiar controller layout, combined with the MC family build quality, creates a natural and familiar workflow for the mobile or club DJ. Pre-order you own Denon MCX8000 DJ controller online now.

Having previously played with the Denon MC4000 I can definitely see why people are so excited for this new controller. It is the bigger brother of what many consider to be the industry standard for the mobile DJ, the MC6000 MK2. With sophistication and top quality technology rolled into one, this new Denon MCX8000 four channel controller certainly packs a punch. I honestly cannot wait to see this sitting proudly in our Brighton Showroom.

Next up is Reloop with their new limited edition RP-7000 Gold. I was so excited to see this new turntable and it looks incredible! The turntable itself was in its very own clear display case which caused great excitement and everyone was mad for this truly elite product. The RP-7000 Gold Edition is a familiar style of turntable, which offers Reloop quality at an affordable price. The gold and black design is very sophisticated and after seeing many DJs perform on the Reloop stand throughout the show I was reminded that Reloop should not be overlooked. The RP-7000 Gold will be landing later this year, but is now available for pre-order online.

As always the pioneer DJ stand was buzzing with a vast array of new and current products on display, from monitors to controllers and their new HRM-5 and HRM-6 headphones.

The product I chose to take a closer look at was the new Pioneer DJ step sequencer, their first piece of live performance hardware. The Toraiz SP-16 looked great from behind its protective casing and is a really neat and compact piece of equipment. The collaboration between Pioneer DJ and Dave Smith Instruments has resulted in a fantastic sampler pad suitable for studio use.

Although I don't believe the Toraiz SP-16 will suit the needs of everyone, I do believe it will be a success for studio and club use. Pre-order your own Toraiz SP-16 step sequencer online now.

Next up on my list of important stands to visit was ADJ. Well, what can I say! As impressive as ever, ADJ was superb. The stand itself was large scale and featured plenty of current lighting fixtures, in addition to their new lighting innovation ranges.

First up I was introduced to the Inno Pocket Spot LZR which is available for pre-order now. This new ADJ lighting solution offers the same power as the Pocket Spot, but with an additional green cluster laser! Lightweight and compact this product is perfect for the mobile DJ and I am certain this new moving head laser is going to be a massive hit.

Next on the must see list was the Focus Spot Three and the Vizi Beam RXONE. Both of these new lights offer serious power and are both packed with exciting features. Now available to pre-order online.

The RXONE is the newest addition to the Vizi series and offers professional features in a good sized housing. The 16 facet  circular prism, alongside the fixed gobo wheels and the 1R bulb, really make this a professional level fixture at an affordable price. The new RXONE offers great output with excellent projection and aerial effects and for the professional mobile DJ this is going to be a very hot product.

Another important new product bought to us by ADJ is the DMX iPad Controller, Airstream Bridge. This has the potential to really shake up the mobile DJ DMX market. Gone are the days of the traditional DMX desk, but instead an iPad takes control and offers the ability to build complex shows quickly.

I could go on about all of the ADJ fixtures, but I would be here for days. For those who have not yet guessed, I am a strong ADJ fan and was so grateful to be shown round the stand.

LiteConsole was also displaying products in the Musikmesse show and Nick McGeachin proudly demonstrated the consoles latest innovations. The latest addition to LiteConsole that caught my eye was the XPRS Shield. This acrylic “shield” protects guests from accidental drink spillages onto our precious DJ equipment! I firmly believe that this product, when it lands, will be extremely popular and a necessity for any LiteConsole owner.



Finally, I visited FBT to walk around their exciting stand, packed with their wide range of PA systems. They definitely know how to display their products to their full potential in terms of aesthetics and sound! Of course the most exciting new piece of PA kit to land is the new Vertus CS1000 which I am sure will be a hot product for the mobile DJ market. This exciting new speaker column system offers excellent sound quality and a sleek design, coming it a more affordable price than the original Vertus. Having had the chance to listen to this new speaker at their stand I was blown away. This is an excellent speaker, reinforcing FBT as a high quality brand, known for superb sound and support. I am sure for some DJs this will be the perfect PA setup. Pre-order your Vertus CS1000 now for guaranteed professional speaker quality and sound.

The question I am left with having visited Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2016 is what could possibly come next in our MI and Entertainment Industry?

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