Gearooz is proud to present our very own new range of RWGB LED par cans. This new launch features three par cans: The FuturePar Birdie, FuturePar Classic and the FuturePar Eco+. Our collection all has a range of effect features designed to provide excitement in any situation.

The FuturePar Birdie is a compact, portable companion that combines affordability and aesthetics into a slim-line package. This portable fixture includes 12x 1W RGBW LEDS for a combined 12W colour output and dimmer capability, alongside this, this fixture generates bright and attractive colour choices and DMX modes allow users to conduct their own synchronised light show. Perfect for uplighting and wall washing the Birdie will bring ambience and excitement to any chosen venue.

Our FuturePar Eco+ has high quality colour mixing capabilities thanks to its 18x 1W RGBW LEDS, and features 3 operational modes including DMX, master, and slave control that can be initiated using voice control, plus a 0-100% smooth dimming function. All settings and colour options can be manually entered through the rear control display and settings buttons. The Eco+ is ideal for uplighting an exhibition, wedding or stage performance and overall is a simple and effective choice for any travelling DJ.

The FuturePar Classic is our take on the par 56 lighting unit. The classic features a 4-button LCD control panel on the rear, auto, sound, and DMX operation alongside RGBW LEDs that produce vibrant colours giving the user more flexible colour options. Combining portability and primary colour mixing, this fixture is a fantastic affordable addition to any entertainers set up.

The FuturePars all come with a bracket giving users a versatile choice to pick and choose where they place it, offering creative freedom and utilising colour washes anywhere they want. With rich colour mixing effects these pars give users the chance to experiment making them a must-have for any mobile DJ, bar or club, and are guaranteed to enhance any performance or light show. Pre-order your pars online now.