Introducing the new Denon Prime range...

Consisting of of a VL12 direct drive turntable, SC5000 media player and X1800 mixer alongside Denon DJ's own music management software called Engine Prime. 

A fantastic set-up that would suit any mobile or professional DJ and one that is ideal to upgrade to. 

The SC5000 media player includes built-in effects; digital, live and phono inputs and can seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Denon range. Featuring dual-deck playback facility makes the unit essentially '2 decks in 1' and with dedicated outputs for each layer it makes the SC5000 more compact overall.

The media player is the first device of its kind to analyse beat grid and musical key on the hardware itself. It also comes with a touch screen and LED beat pads for triggering cue points and other effects. A versatile controller that is smooth and responsive, professional DJ's will find it simple to use and easy to set cue points and play. 

The VL12 turntable has a low signal-to-noise ratio thanks to an isolated motor design and the pitch range includes eight, 16 and 50 percent options. The lighting on the turntable can also be changed in colour and brightness so users can customise their set-up. 

Also included in the range is the four-channel X1800 mixer. It has dedicated BPM and sync controls that can be synced with the SC5000, two USB connections for use with other software and built-in LAN that allows up to four media players to be used. Alongside this it has 4 digital inputs for high resolution audio mixing and and expressive Denon DJ ‘Flex-Fader’, Crossfader.

The entire Prime range is available to order online.

Watch a video below to see what the SC5000 can do.