The world's most famous festival Glastonbury is already struggling with a huge mud bath before the party has even started.

Thousands of festival- goers found themselves stuck in mud and traffic before the glasto gates had even opened.

All major traffic routes were hit with delays of up to 12 hours and to pass the time many embraced the festival spirit by playing cricket on the congested roads and also stopped to dance with each other.

Meanwhile on site a lorry carrying hundreds of gallons of cider became stuck in deep mud just yards from the famous Pyramid stage. Owner Julian Temperley and his team got stuck in with spades and even railway sleepers to help dig out the cider loaded vehicle.

Here are some festival tips from Gearooz on how to survive the Glastonbury mud pools:

1. Wrap clean spare clothes in bin bags, worst case scenario - wear the bin bag.
2. Be careful where you camp. Try not to pitch your tent at the bottom of a hill as the mud and water will collect and you will end up a sopping mess.
3. Estimate your journey as walking from one stage to another will take twice as long.
4. Put your personal belongings in sealable sandwich bags; no-one likes a wet phone!
5. Wet wipes and a rain mac will become your new best friend 
6. Don’t wear jeans! Bare legs dry much faster.
7. Take hiking boots and wellies.
8. Finally look on the bright side and don’t worry about the weather too much. It’s all about having fun!