The Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 is the latest addition to the controller range, it is a fun and compact controller aimed at novice DJs and curious beginners. It is an affordable way to experiment with digital DJing and is a perfect accompaniment for small parties and casual use.

This quirky two-channel controller is a small and compact solution featuring eight multicoloured pads located at the bottom of the controller, short throw faders and regular sized knobs. Alongside this is, a 1/8” jack for headphones located on the side, a pair of RCA jacks for the master output, a built-in sound card and a mini USB socket. All users need to do is simply plug it into their laptop and start mixing.

It is compatible with DJUCED 40 which is a free downloadable app available at the DJUCED website that allows DJs to produce unique and creative remixes.

Tracks can be stopped by pressing the jog wheels down and rotating them allows users to speed up or slow down a deck.  For users to scratch on this jogwheels simply press the scratch button and get started.

New to this controller are the four pads per channel. They can change functionality depending on what mode users have selected. When holding the mode button all four pads light up corresponding to the four pad modes; loop which enables users to do loop rolls, FX which lets users use all the pads to turn the effects in DJUCED on or off, sample which gives users control of the sampler decks, and cue which allows users to turn the pads into four hot cue points.

The controller has three EQ knobs per channel, a filter knob that can double as a loop control when the shift button is held, headphone cue buttons including volume control and also library browse control which is located in the middle of the controller.

Including built in audio and essential mix and remix features, this all-in-one controller is robust and has more functionality in a condensed size that enables users to easily transport it and travel on-the-go.

 The Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 is a user friendly and affordable device that allows DJs to mix simply and effectively. Order your controller online now.