Here at Gearooz we recently introduced the Gearooz live chat service across our website. Designed to assist prospective and existing customers in asking questions, it provides the sales teams with an easy and effective solution to help us communicate with our customers.

Our live chat service is not operated by bots and you are guaranteed to get a fast response and dedicated support when using it. 

Using our live chat is relatively simple, the chat icon can be found anywhere on our site and it is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.



A  chat can be initiated by clicking on this image where a text box will ask you to provide your email address and name.  A member of the team will then appear to offer assistance and your chat can begin.

Simply type out your question as you would an email or text message and hit the enter button, this will be then send instantly to our sales team where they will initially respond in under 3 minutes! 

Each of our chat representatives have an image and a name so if you happen to lose internet connection or simply want to leave the chat for a moment. When you do start another chat  you will be forward to the original team member you were speaking to. This avoids having to repeat you questions and ensure you have smooth and consistent support. 




After each chat customers can rate their overall chat experience and leave a complimentary comment or some advice on what we could improve. We always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we look to resolve and answer queries efficently. 

Gearooz can resolve any issue or concern via chat effectively, in the same way it would be resolved via telephone or if you were to pop into our showroom. 

Our live chat service is available at the same time as our opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 9am - 6pm. Wednesday 8am - 8pm and Saturday 10am - 1pm. 

If you pop onto our chat and a member of our team isn't online,  you will be notified and our chat service will create a ticket for you which still allows you send us your question via chat and it will be answered as soon as possible during our opening hours. 

Customers can ask any questions regarding products, services, delivery, finance, band van hire and more. Our sales team are always on hand to help you and we look forward to speaking with you on our chat!