Be prepared for your summer tour!

Don’t be tied down with the timing restrictions that come with coach trips, or the struggle of fitting your equipment and your band in a small car, hire from Gearooz Band Vans for the best ‘do it yourself’ tour. With our vans you have the option of self driving, you can take our vans on the road with just you and the band.

This service is ideal for festival hoppers as well as DJ’s and performers. As an artist its important to be able to take your talent on the road, summer is a busy time and with our vans you can travel to each gig safely and efficiently. And as festival goers the ability to hop from one festival to another at your own leisure is vital.  

All our vans offer a luxury touring experience however we recommend our Premium Tourer. With a chest sized fridge, 2 large TV’s and sound bar as well as an entertainment system, games console and electric leather seats with armrests you can spend the summer touring comfortably not only in the UK but anywhere in Europe.

‘Do it yourself’ touring is the best way to spend your summer, and we can offer it in style and at a great price! Don’t miss out, book now and secure your DIY tour with Gearooz.