If you are a mobile DJ who often does large events then it is not unusual to have your own PA set. Knowing how to set-up your system will enable you to get the most out of your gear and ensure your sound is of the highest quality. 

In one of our previous posts we spoke about how important it is to choose the right PA system and subwoofers. However not only is this important, but speaker placement is considered paramount. 

Some DJ's make the mistake of placing their speakers too low in relation to the audience which results in audience members dancing or sitting to close to the speakers which makes for uncomfortable listening due to the loud volume. 

Additionally, those audience members standing far from the speakers towards the back of the dance floor will not be able to hear the music sufficiently. Solving this problem is relatively simple, always use speaker stands and raise them at least 6 feet in the air. This guarantees that the sound will reach everyone on the dance floor and will be evenly distributed. 

Subwoofer placement is equally as important. Keep you subwoofer away from corners and close to the speaker set-up. Place your subwoofer underneath your DJ table or on the floor between your two top cabs. This will enable a larger amount of the audience to hear the bass. 

If you are worried about lifting heavy speakers above your head, then you can look at getting pheumatic speaker stands. These robust stands are extremely easy to use thanks to their internal pneumatic shock device that can raise heavy duty speakers for you. They offer support and they require minimal effort making speaker placement simple and easy. 

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