Gearooz is proud to present the new KAM laser range. Consisting of three unique lasers, the iLink RGB, energy SD300, and the Hyper3D, users can inject vibrant colour into their lightshow.

The iLink RGB Pro features a 300mW output, plug and play operation and it can be controlled via sound, auto and DMX modes. Users can also link master/slave with the pre-existing iLink range and create superb beam effects in their venue. This user-friendly unit has a tough and robust casing that will prolong usage making suited to mobile DJs and lighting providers.

The Kam Hyper 3D 500 features 500mW diodes that can run in sound to light, auto, DMX or software mode leaving users in complete control of their lightshow. The laser also has ILDA connection and it can produce a variety of effects including flat beam, kaleidoscope and star cluster. This fixture has a variety of fixtures including an adjustable hanging bracket, safety chain loop and remote socket meaning it can be securely fixed to a lighting rig with little or no risk.

The Energy SD 300 is a small, lightweight and powerful laser which allows users to create themed laser light shows in any venue. Featuring compact housing, 300mW diodes and an included micro SD card, users can create and save unique laser shows and sequences. Alongside being able to save your own, users also have the access to pre-installed animations and they can download new ones online.  Suited to nightclubs and venues, this fixture can create simple and professional animations that will enhance any event.

Suited to mobile DJs, nightclubs and musicians, this range of KAM lasers will allow users to create extraordinary light shows and excite audiences.

Watch the video below for a quick look at the Kam Hyper 3D 500.