The Focus Spot Two is extremely versatile and has everything clubs, theaters, churches, concert productions and lighting professionals are looking for in a an  LED spot Moving Head. It has 16 & 17 DMX channel modes, Pan/Tilt Inversion, 16-Bit Fine Pan/Tilt, 3-pin DMX I/nOut, PowerCon In/Out power connectors, and a 4-Button DMX LCD menu.

 ADJ recently announced the availability of its new Focus Spot Two, a powerful and unique moving head. A new additional fixture to the Focus Spot range it joins the small Focus Spot and the larger Focus Spot Three Z.

The Focus Spot Two has an operational life of approximately 50,000 hours and it is powered by a 75-Watt white LED light. This LED can create impressive beams and it is also capable of cutting through all forms of ambient light to create striking effects and incredible surface projections.

Alongside these features the Focus Spot Two also includes a separate 3W LED. This can be controlled independently enabling the fixture to be used to wash a stage or venue in ultraviolet light.  This effect will enhance your event as it triggers white and fluorescent clothing and accessories to glow brightly.

The Focus Spot Two also includes motorised focus, a feature which is included throughout the other fixtures in the Focus Series. This allows a projected GOBO to be altered electronically and be controlled by DMX, enabling the pattern to always appear sharp and clear event when the projection distance increases or when the fixture is moved to a different position

If users wish to alter the intensity of the fixture’s beam and change the speed they can thanks to its 0-100% digital dimming and speed strobe functions.

Another change that can be made is the fixture’s beam angle; it can be altered between 15 and 20 degrees allowing users to customise their output for a specific venue size or type of event. Changing the projection angle – zooming – is easy to do and is carried out manually using the convenient recessed wheel located on the top of the unit. 

Separate colour and GOBO wheels enable the Focus Spot Two’s beam to be shaped and coloured in a variety of different ways. The colour wheel features eight vibrant options – in addition to open white, all of which are extremely vibrant and can also be set between adjacent positions to create split-colour effects. The GOBO wheel features six rotatable GOBOs, in addition to one open spot. The remaining GOBOs are metal, and feature a good variety of detailed patterns, ideal for creating mid-air effects or projecting texture onto venue walls and ceilings. Alongside this each GOBO can also be replaced with a custom pattern.

The Focus Spot Two is an extremely versatile unit and its total weight of just 7.3kgs makes it a compact and portable fixture idea for mobile DJs. It offers flexible mounting options including rubber feet for floor standing and a detachable Omega bracket to allow rigging from truss or a T-bar.

Order your Focus Spot Two online now.