Gearooz presents Akai's new addition the MPC Touch. This new controller features classic MPC pads, a 7 inch multi-touch screen, and hands on controls. The versatility of the MPC allows users to mix beats, alter waveforms and edit MIDI.

The powerful MPC software lets users easily manipulate music, grab and expand waveforms, draw envelopes and move notes on the sequencer grid.

The MPC Touch has 16 pads which are velocity and pressure sensitive and can register with the slightest touch. The pads also illuminate in different colours to denote different modes and users can also configure colours. Also featured is note repeat for inputting notes quickly, half-level button for half-level pad velocity, audio input and output, and an erase button enabling users to eliminate any notes they wish.

Located under the screen are main and menu buttons allowing users to access the MPC software, record, overdub, stop and play the controller. Alongside this the shift button can be used to access secondary functions including a new copy button for copying sounds, load samples and select tracks.

The comprehensive hardware control means users can fold away their laptop and create music in a distraction-free environment, and gain access to hundreds of samples including 20GB of content. Also included is superb effects and access to a range of editing tools that can make music polished and professional.

Without a power supply connected the MPC Touch will still send data from the pads and controls to the MPC software via USB even with the touch screen off. When on the touch screen has a resolution of 1280x800 and users can alter the brightness.

The controller is made from textured black plastic, red metal and non-slip feet resulting in a solid, stable and elegant controller. All buttons are made from black rubber and can be backlit, allowing users to find them in a dark club environment. Users can fit the MPC Touch in a large backpack and when using lay if flat or attach it to a stand.

The MPC Touch has a minijack for headphones, a pair of mini jacks for the MIDI breakout cables for connecting external MIDI gear and a master volume control located on the front panel.

DJs can swipe, drag, zoom in/out and tap the screen to select drop-down functions that will give you a variety of menus. The screen is easy to navigate enabling fast and efficient workflow.

Although the MPC requires a computer to use it, it is considered to be an absolute classic. It has featured on countless productions is an exciting product ideal for DJs and musicians looking for new ways to produce, write and perform music. Order the MPC Touch online now.