Upgrade your speakers to the FBT X-Lite range. These professional two way, bi-amplified, 1,000 Watt active loudspeaker  produce clear and crisp sound in sleek black flat grille housing. 

Known for their high-quality and high performance speakers, FBT are a popular brand here at Gearooz and a favourite with the professional DJ. We stock the whole X-Lite ranges which include the 15a, 12a and 10a singles and packages. 

Designed in Italy, the X-Lite range produces loud and high sound quality, they are ideal for the mobile DJ or for a touring band. They can also be used as floor monitors in a small bar or venue. 

The whole series combines fantastic and professional sound with affordability. Designed to deliver out sound audio quality, each model features stereo combo XLR/Jack in/outs, Volume, EQ presets, phase reversal switch 0° - 180° and status LED indicators.

There is a variety of presets on each of the 15a, 12a and 10a speakers and alongside this, they have a built in 100hz high pass filter so they can be used with subwoofers.

Housed in black polypropylene enclosures, the X-LITE series features a professional design including 3 x carrying handles and 4 x M10 flying points. In addition, the full front grille provides complete protection and sturdiness while eliminating undesired resonances. 

The whole series has built-in Class D amplifier modules which provide a 1000W of power even in the most challenging of environments.

User-friendly DSP allows 4 x EQ preset selection to be tailored to the performance of the X-LITE and to the users sound requirements. In addition, the X-LITE series is a versatile collection, offering a professional control panel that allows users to set up configurations with or without subs.

All the speakers feature universal switching mode power supply and high linear excursion capability and efficiency. Alongside this they have integrated mixer with two stereo channels, one channel microphone / line input and an output coupled XLR mono / stereo to revive the other channel of the stereo signal to another speaker. 

The X-Lite range is ideal for mobile DJs, touring bands or permanent installation in small bars and clubs. Buy the range online now.