The Numark Party Mix is a 2-channel controller designed to enhance events and give any occasion that perfect party atmosphere.

The controller can connect directly to a laptop and allows users to play and mix all of their tracks and videos with the included software. Users can preview their mix in their headphones before cross-fading the music to their speakers and synchronise colourful light patterns thanks to its built-in lightshow.

There is a variety of fantastic features that are available with Party Mix. Each deck has four cue points alongside readily accessible pads for effects. DJs can toggle through Pad Mode and create loops on 8, 4, 2 and 1 bar phrases.  Users can add instant effects to their music and have access to pre-loaded samples or add your own.

Users can also control EQ with treble, bass, channel gain and master gain so they can customise and adapt their sound. Built in audio means you have all the connections you need to send a mix of music to the speakers, while plugging in headphones to preview the next track.

The controller has three LED light arrays that flash from the back of the Party Mix. They can sync to any mix and are a fantastic way of illuminating your performance.

The Party Mix includes Virtual DJ LE to make mixing your music, videos and karaoke tracks entertaining. DJs have ultimate control when using the Party Mix and they can alter the way they blend, loop, add effects and sample music. Manage music with the iTunes playlists or put together great playlists and create unique and customised mixes.  No extra setup is required. Just plug, load and play—it’s that simple.

This full-featured controller is extremely user friendly and is tailored to making it easy for aspiring DJs to develop and improve their skills. With it’s with dual scratch platters and slider controls, the Party Mix delivers a genuine DJ experience that is suited to any novice or professional DJ.

The backlit sync controls enable users to mix effortlessly and there’s a ¼-inch headphone jack so DJs can monitor everything that’s happening.

Party mix has all the professional features needed to help DJs develop their skills.