Presenting the new FBT Vertus CS1000 , this compact line array combines superb performance, portability, and distinctive engineering.

This system has durable and lightweight construction, and a 12” bass reflex subwoofer. Onboard the subwoofer is a Class-D, two channel amplifier, complete with switch-mode power supply, delivering 600W RMS to the subwoofer and 400W RMS to the satellite .Connections include a XLR in and our as well as a speak-on output for satellite connection.

Containing three sections including a pole which allows users to change and alter the height of the satellite speaker to suit their needs. Alongside this the custom joint allows vertical adjustment and alteration to achieve the wide coverage desired in any venue.  

Easily transportable this system holds a storage compartment within the subwoofer enclosure that can easily and securely house both the satellite speaker and its supplied mounting pole.

Easy to use and assemble, the subwoofer has aluminium handles complete with a rubber insert to ensure a comfortable grip and abillity to transport the entire system, including the subwoofer, satellite, mounting pole, joint and all cables, is convenient and effective.

Perfect for live performers and installers, the compact line array delivers excellent sound and has a frequency response of 40Hz to 20Hz and includes a control panel with master volume, presets, LED status and satellite volume.  Users can also configure two systems as one single solution via additional accessories.

Suited to live applications and live applications and fixed installations the system can be positioned on top of the other and also be permanently wall mounted.

Order your  Vertus CS1000 online now.