KAM have been at the forefront of the laser world, certainly from the mobile disco point of view, ever since they created the Star Cluster Laser back in 2007. Over the years they have continued to create high quality, professional lasers, at an affordable price point ideal for mobile DJs. The Energy SD1 Laser is no exception, offering an unbelievably bright animation laser, packed full of features, at a very reasonable price.

  • Build Quality – 9/10
  • Brightness – 10/10
  • Features – 10/10
  • Value for Money – 8/10
  • Overall – 9/10

The Energy SD1 Laser from Kam boasts a massive 1500mW output, which is said to be the equivalent of a 2000mW output. One thing that is certain, it is incredibly bright! All this power comes from a 550mW red (638nm) laser diode, a 150mW green (532nm) laser diode, and an 800mW blue (450nm) laser diode. These three colours provide endless colour mixing capabilities, making the SD1 a fully multi-colour laser.

Out the box, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the unit. The fixture has a solid metal construction, yet is still relatively lightweight at only 4KGs. Kam have included two safety eyes on the top of the unit, meaning that whatever way the fixture is rigged, it is still possible to get a safety chain on. On the back of the unit, there is a range of connections, including the DMX in and out, as well as ILDA in and through. There is a very large, easy-to-read, LCD display, and beneath this, there is an SD card slot. Like many high-powered lasers, there is also an on/off key switch to allow the user to safely leave the laser unattended, as well as a connection for an optional safety remote control.

When powering up the unit for the first time, despite being very clear and easy-to-read, the LCD display can be a little confusing if you are used to a standard 4-digit display. All the menus are controlled by a rotating dial, which also acts as an “enter” button when pressed. Once you get the hang of the way it works, it’s actually very straightforward. To get the laser diodes to actually come on, you obviously need the key switch switched to on, however, you also need to insert the included dummy safety remote connection. I understand this remote connection is for an optional emergency control, which can be activated should the laser need to be switched off immediately for any reason. Without this optional remote, the dummy connector must be connected in order to turn on the laser diodes. It’s good to see that Kam take laser safety very seriously, and actually include a Class 4 Laser Safety Guide in the box, together with all the built-in safety features.

Kam include an SD card in the box, which is packed with various graphics, images, text, and animations all there and ready for you to use straight away. When inserted into the SD card slot, the card actually clicks into place, so there is no need to worry about the SD card falling out. There is graphics for literally every occasion, from Weddings and Birthdays, to Proms and Retirement Parties! This makes the fixture perfect for mobile DJs who cover a range of event types. Having all these graphics on an SD card, rather than built into the unit itself, is great as it allows the user to add their own graphics and images quickly and easily. Kam also have a Laser Download Area on their website where you can download various graphics, however, there seems to only be the stock graphics available at the moment. Of course you can also use the ILDA input to create your own images, however, sometimes it may just be easier to stick the graphic on the SD card and that’s it! There is also an Image Zoom feature allowing the user to adjust the size of the projected image to suit the venue.

If ILDA and DMX is not your thing, the SD1 includes three built-in shows to choose from, which can be used in either Auto mode, or sound activated mode. These built-in shows, combined with the pre-programmed graphics and animations, give non-DMX/ILDA users an amazing laser show straight out the box. If you prefer to use DMX, then you gain so much control of the unit over 24 channels. I’m not even going to go into what you can do, as there is just so much – you literally have control over everything!

  • + Bright and Smooth
  • + Packed full of features
  • + Great level of control with or without DMX/ILDA
  • – Some graphics/text are a little flickery
  • – Only 3 built-in sound active shows