Keep your vinyl and records clean with the AM Clean Sound range. Here at Gearooz we stock the whole Clean Sound AM range including vinyl cleaner, cassette brushes, vinyl cloths and more. 

The range is extensive and includes everything you need to ensure your vinyl players and records are kept in the best condition. 

The AM Record cleaner is a safe and effective way to freshen up your vinyl collection. This non-abrasive deep cleaning solution eliminates dirt, dust and static build-up. By using the cleaner and overall cleaning your records it will not only improve the sound quality but also prolong their life. Ideal for every day cleaning or deep-cleaning to wipe the dust off the dirtiest vinyl. 

Clean Sound have the tools you need to reduce friction during playback. Alongside the Record Cleaner, the range includes 20ml non-abrasive stylus cleaning solution and brush applicator which removes grit and dirt particles that are left from the stylus tip.  Alongside removing dirt, maintaining the stylus will improve tonal accuracy and audio fidelity. The cleaner is non abrasive so you can be confident knowing your equipment and records will be kept in the best condition.

If you are looking for a quick solution then the alcohol-free microfiber tissue wipes absorb oils and clings onto the dirt you can see and the grime that you can’t. Designed to remove fingerprints and dust the wipes are efficient, easy to use and safe. 

If you are unsure which items you need, you can purchase the cleaner box set which includes 6 items from the range including lint-free cloths and cleaner. 

Enjoy static free playback, reduced wear and prolonged life of your records and cassettes. Get the best performance from your turntable and shop the AM Clean Sound range online