Nothing compares to playing live acoustic music with the interaction with your audience and with the release of the LV300T which is designed to give you the power and tone to work the room. The LV300T is a 120W Tube RMS Combo with a real ECC83 tube and a pair of custom designed 12” HH drivers.

The LV300T is packed with features which make it gig ready, ideal for live use. Its 120W output section is coupled to twin12” loudspeakers that have been custom designed for Laney by HH. Although Tubes add authenticity and character we know that they can be very heavy and much more expensive. However equipped with a real ECC83 tube means the LV300T is portable and practical which is ideal for mobile DJ’s.

Some notable features are the 2 Drive channels with a ‘V’ switch giving you an instantly scooped tone plus as there is one per channel it gives flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Not only that but the VTS switch feature boosts certain bass and upper mid frequencies whilst cutting some of the lower mid allowing two different amp characters depending on your gig.

The Laney LV300T boast some great features all listed on our website, you can find more information on the product as well as other new Laney products at