Wednesday 25th May marked the launch of the “Light Up Your Bank Holiday” Lighting Sale with an abundance of new and exciting lighting packages. The sale was launched to mark the start of the Summer season and the excellent range of lighting packages available to order online.

The wide range of new lighting packages have been created with the Mobile DJ in mind, helping them upgrade their setups for Wedding and Summer events. With 0% Finance available we have ensured that even the high end professional packages are affordable via optional monthly payments at no extra costs to our customer.

New packages within the Lighting Sale include: Stagg Headbanger 10 Mini Mover Quad Stand Package, ADJ Sweeper Beam Light Stand Package, ADJ On-X Light Pair Package With Stands, KAM Spin 4 Quad Barrel Light Pair Stand Package, KAM StratoSphere Ghost Hex Stand Package and the AFX 9-Beam-FX Spider Light Pair Stand Package.

Headbanger 10 Mini Mover Package With Stands

This DJ lighting package contains 4x 70W LED RGBW mini moving head, 2 stands, 2 dual stand adaptors and 2 top hat adaptors to create a quad LED moving head aerial wash package, on a neat and presentable stand system. This system is ideal for any band, DJ or performer and is perfect to to wash stages, halls & bars. Link the units together with DMX to create a synchronised light show.

ADJ Sweeper Beam Light Stand Package

Gearooz presents a unique sweeping quad LED light effect package featuring 2x ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs, stands and clamps. Mount the Sweepers vertically down the stands to create the ultimate sweeping beam effect. The system features RGBW LEDs which fill the room with multicoloured beams that move and sweep in a 270 degree tilt. Connect the 2 bars together with DMX for a synchronised lighting show.

ADJ On-X Stand Light Pair Package

This new package contains 2x ADJ On-X DJ Lighting Effects, 2 stands and clamps to create the perfect starter lighting package. The package can be expanded by adding any range of DJ PA Speaker to the top of the stands to create a combined lighting & sound rig. The On-X features RGBW LEDs which move and sweep around the room for a unique lighting effect. The two units can be linked via DMX for master / slave control, operated manually or set to sound active to follow the beat of your music.

KAM Quad Barrel Spin 4 Pair Package With Stands

Introducing the Spin 4 stand package. This 4 head barrel scanner effect light is an ideal lighting effect for any mobile entertainer, small nightclub, bar our lounge. The Spin 4 features four 10W barrel mirrors each with RGBW LEDs. The red, green, blue and white beams swivel back and forth and create multiple beams that cover a wide area. The Spin 4 is easy to use with a variety of options to operate. Control spin 4 via sound active, DMX control or internal show modes. This package includes stands & adaptors to mount the lights in convenient locations for the user.

KAM Mirror Ball Hex Lighting Stand Pair Package

The wedding DJs dream!? StratoSphere Ghost package. This six colour rotating LED sphere produces very sharp and intense beams of light that bounce and rotate to the music. The ghost version features a full white housing, setting it apart from others on the market and making it an ideal companion for any wedding DJ, Event Company or for permanent installation. The unit features RGBWA + UV (red, green, blue, white, amber + UV) LEDs which fill and rotate in the room. This package includes all the parts required to mount the Ghosts up on stands and have them as separate lights either side of your DJ Booth. Connect the 2 together with DMX for the ultimate synchronised light show.

AFX 9-Beam-FX Spider Rotating Light Package With Stands

Finally, the AFX 9-Beam-FX stand package. AFX 9-Beam-FX is a unique effect light which creates exciting lighting effects with its quick sweeping beams. Not only do the 3 arms sweep from 0 - 185 degrees, but the entire fixture rotates through 360 degrees giving a dual movement LED effect. 9-Beam-FX features 9 x 12-Watt bright, RGBW CREE LEDs for an impressive 108W combined output. The LEDs feature a narrow 5 degree beam angle and the unit also features selectable 12 or 43 DMX Channel Modes. The 9-Beam may be controlled via its own built-in programs, a DMX Controller or the easy-to-use on screen display. This package contains all the components to mount 2 Beams on stands to create a dual "Catherine Wheel" LED effect show.

The Lighting Sale Ends Midnight Tuesday 31st May. Packages Available after this date.