Looking for a more authentic experience from your drum kit? The Alesis eight-piece electronic drum kit features and exclusive mesh snare and mesh kick that delivers authentic sound. Also on-board are two 9” dual zone rack toms and an 11” dual zone floor tom. Along with those the set also features a 10” hi-hat with pedal and a 10” crash with choke. The premium chrome 4 post rack ensures that everything is securely in place even for the most passionate players.

 The Command Drum Module features 70 drum kits with over 600 sounds and 60 play along tracks built in. Also included is a built in metronome and 1/8-inch input for playing along with your mobile, allowing users to be ready for the stage. These are just a few of the incredible features included in the drum kit, for more information don’t forget to head over to Gearooz.com where you will find a full list of features and contents.

 If your looking for more flexibility, the Command Drum Module features a USB memory stock input allowing you to load your own .WAV samples. You also have the option to load in .WAV files of play along tracks using this input for ultimate sonic creativity and flexibility.

 The Alesis eight-piece set is available to order online and you will receive it within a few days.