Tired of looking through pages and pages of equipment to complete the perfect set? Gearooz are now offering the ultimate DJ bundle including all the things you need to get started. No more scrolling through endless pages of speakers or mixers as we are gathered the best of the best and put it all into one set to make it easier for you. Perfect for home or professional use these specially selected products will fit your style no matter what.

 Including is the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Pro Midi Controller, boasting all the popular features as well as the added amazing new pro-DJ functions. Hitting the decks has never been easier and more intuitive, even for beginner DJ’s this is a great deck.

 Also included are powerful M-Audio monitors, which are compatible with all your gear including your tablet, computer or phone. As well as a headphone output allowing you to work privately at any hour. The monitors are not only great for DJ’s but are perfect for gaming, watching videos and listening to music. You will also find headphones and a laptop stand all ready for you to start mixing and performing in no time.

 For more information on this fantastic bundle head over to Gearooz.com.