Having something to protect your controller is highly important for DJs, whether you are a travelling professional or a bedroom novice then Magma offer a simple compact carrying solution to safely transport your equipment.

Magma accessories are a dedicated solution for novice DJs and professional sound providers and they have released two new additions to their collection.

New to the range of Magma CTRL cases is a case for the Denon MCX-8000 and a case for the Numark Dashboard.They have been designed to be the perfect fit for both these controllers and provide safe and reliable form transportation to and from your chosen venue.

Both of these magma cases are made from Durashock foam and supported by a heavy-duty nylon exterior shell that is water-resistant giving user’s protection against the elements. These durable cases include high density padding and adjustable Velcro foam blocks that allow the user to secure their controllers effectively, yet still achieving a sleek and slim-line finish. The zips are robust and can be quickly unizipped from two sides so users can quickly slot in their controllers when in a hurry.  

Incredibly lightweight, the cases have a thin absorbent layer of foam under the black casing. The dual top carry handles are stitched in and also are supported by a small amount of padding so users can place heavier controllers in these cases too while remaining in a secure position.

The Magma cases are perfect for the travelling sound provider and offer a great alternative to a backpack or flight case. The foam blocks gives users added protection over knobs, faders and jog wheels, and relieve users of worries about their controllers being shaken about during a long journey.

Magma designed these cases to be compatible with its Rolltop backpack alongside being compatible with Decksaver covers.

A must have for any on-the-go-DJ these sleek, lightweight and affordable cases are perfect for protecting your equipment, and ensuring it gets to your venue in one piece. As well as these particular cases we stock a range of Magma bags; shop the range online.