When taking a microphone to a gig you may not always use it but the right approach using a microphone can add character to your set. It gives DJs a chance to interact with the crowd, give shout-outs to other performers, venues owners and add vocals from a professional singer.

A microphone is a versatile piece of equipment and also a great investment, by bringing a microphone to a gig you don’t have to rely on what the venue may or may not have and it gives you flexibility and creativity.

In this article Gearooz will share our top tips for using a microphone, top techniques and how you can use it to get a better sound throughout your gig.

  • Introduce yourself- the audience will want to remember you and if they don’t know you name they will not be able to recommend you to friends or family and they won’t be able to find your details online or connect with you social media accounts.
  • Avoid feedback- using a microphone can create feedback so avoid standing next to monitors and other speakers. When using the mic, hold it a few inches away from your mouth and turn the microphone off when it is not in use to avoid interference.
  • Turn the microphone’s volume up gradually - You don’t want to start with the volume too high as this can lead to feedback. It is always handy to have someone stand at the back to give you a signal to let you know if it’s loud enough.
  • Speak slowly and clearly – It is important for the audience to hear what you saying, that way you won’t find yourself repeating things throughout the evening.
  • Use eye contact and good body language- The audience will like to watch you when you are talking, so smile use friendly gestures and use eye contact as this will allow them to remain focused and trust that you are focused too.
  • Turn the microphone down or off before putting it down - This will avoid thuds, bangs and other sounds over the PA.
  • Don’t talk too much – Try to be brief, introductions do not need to be long winded, and make sure that you have a point to what you are talking about.
  • Thank your audience – thanking them for being there is really important as you want them to potentially book you in the future. Leave them with a good impression.
  • Announce your next gig – Depending on where you are Djing, sometimes telling the audience where and when you will be next performing will allow them to remember you. Consider your audience and venue before you do this as you want to self-promote in a tasteful way. 

Using a microphone during your gig has many benefits, view our range of wired and wireless microphones online.