Tuesday 2nd February Gear4DJs hosted a Moving Head Expo Evening at their Brighton Showroom.

Gear4DJs Moving Head Expo was a great opportunity to showcase our wide range of Moving Heads from a selection of brands, all varying in price.

The evening began with a short seminar from Alex and Luke, informing our guests on “how to get the most from their moving head”. In addition to this, speeches were given on hints and tips on placement, up selling of gobos, taking control of moving heads to create dynamic light shows and exclusive special price offers of the night.

The floor was then opened up to questions and a breakaway, in which guests could ask about specific products and speak to our team members directly. This worked well and gave our guests the chance find out any product specifics they required.

After the break out Matt was able to reunite everyone around the interactive area of the showroom to demonstrate the three types of DMX controllers available for purchase. This was a huge success, providing guests with a greater insight to all the possibilities and capabilities of DMX control.

Throughout the evening team members were able to demo various products in the showroom, including our high quality PA speaker range, providing guests with a personal and more tailor made evening. The expo enabled the Gear4DJs team to demonstrate cutting edge technology in the moving head category. Refreshments and free parking were provided to all guests upon arrival.

This is the first event of the year hosted by the Gear4DJs team and it won't be the last!

Since the event film and images captured on the night have been put together to produce a short film:

All of the photos from the event can be viewed below:

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Posted by Gear4DJs on Wednesday, 3 February 2016