Musikmesse 2016 takes place Thursday 7th April to Sunday 10th April at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. The shows sister event, Prolight + Sound is now fully underway and will run until Friday 8th April.

This time last year, we were all subject to widespread and frequent speculation regarding the future of Musikmesse and its format for shows to come, with the possibility of the show taking place at a later date in the calendar year and whether the show's audience would change, becoming more domesticated.

Now 12 months on and with just two days to go before the 2016 Musikmesse show begins, despite the sister event Prolight + Sound starting today, everyone has a much clearer picture and understanding of what to expect from this years show and what the 'new concept' entales.

The show will now be open to the public for the full three day duration and has relocated to the western section of the Exhibition Centre. This essentially means that the current Prolight + Sound is no longer in its usual location, but instead has swapped with Musikmesse and has changed its date. Prolight + Sound will now overlap Musikmesse and run from Tuesday 5th April to Friday 8th April.

Furthermore, there has also been a number of internal movements. However, what has caused some major concern, but excited others since its original announcement is the new public opening hours.

Musikmess has been keen to suppress suggestions that the show is no longer fit for business-to-business purpose and has therefore introduced a selection of new business features. Areas such as the 'Business Meets Business' area that facilitates business meetings in a quiet and relaxed environment, in addition to the Musikmess Insider programme, providing VIP facilities for MI retailers, have been created and will be reserved exclusively for trade visitors.

Show organisers have  also added the new Business Academy which is designed and created for the musical instrument sector, in addition to even more facilities and services for retailers, distributors and the industry. All the new features hope to highlight its importance as an international business platform for the MI industry.

Messe 2016 will also be offering a special feature for drummers with their Drum Camp, which will see six leading drummers from around the world, presenting their kits and demonstrating their skills. Additional drumming master classes will take place each day of the show, free of charge to all show visitors.

Overall, Messe 2016 is an extremely ambitious show which will see new concepts and changes, which hope to achieve a successful major international show that caters for and meets the needs of trade and consumer visitors. This new Messe show concept is a world-first in the MI industry and could potentially be difficult to achieve in one year.

One thing we all know for certain is if the 2016 show is unsuccessful we wouldn't be surprised if additional major changes were implemented ahead of Musikmesse 2017. Furthermore, Messe 2016 is indeed a pivotal show in their 36 year history and we're keen to get out there and see for ourselves!

Gearooz team members will be live at the show with all the latest news and product releases this weekend.