Being unprepared for a gig is a musicians worst nightmare and that’s why here at Gearooz we have published a gig guide to ensure you have packed the equipment you need for your upcoming gig.

The variety of equipment you take from each gig will vary, depending on your selection of instruments and type of set up. However there is a selection of general accessories that Gearooz believes will be handy for all musicians. Here are our top picks of the most useful items to keep in your gig bag.

Gaffa Tape

A necessity in any gig bag, Gaffa tape is a handy essential that has a variety of uses including taping down leads to prevent people tripping over, temporarily repairing faulty gear, anchoring accessories and amps, preventing wardrobe malfunctions and many more! The possibilities are endless with this product.


WD40 oil is an excellent lubricant for those stubborn stands, instrument strings and various other problems that may occur while you are on tour.

Ear plugs

It is always important to protect your hearing during your gig. No matter what type of music you are playing it is nice to give your ears a break. Performers can get a variety of earplugs from generic to custom made and each have a different price point.


Need to take the screws off some equipment? Then it’s always good to have a little multi-tool to hand. A useful part of any musician’s toolkit they come in handy for almost anything at all.


Using a phone light when searching for your guitar picks, or extra cables can easily drain your battery after minutes of use. Having a torch will save you when you are backstage looking through your gear in the dark or stuck on the roadside during tour when you are searching the boot of your car.  

Extra extension leads

If you’re regularly playing gigs you will find that some venues aren’t always purpose built music venues and your setup may be further away from a socket than originally anticipated. Packing an extra extension cable or two in different lengths, will ensure your gig runs smoothly.

Phone charger

Essential if you’re using your phone for its Spotify or iTunes connection for background music and for keeping updated regarding events and new contacts.

First Aid Kit

It is always important to be prepared in the case of a minor emergency. First Aid Kits are available in a number of sizes but having the basic plasters and bandages is a sensible precaution.

Allen / Hex keys

Rigging up some lights for your event? Make sure you have some allen keys to hand, small and inexpensive they are compact and can be easily slipped into any bag.

Spare leads and cables

Whether you utilise an XLR, Mono Jack or anything else, make sure you have a sensible number of spare leads to hand in case any break or go missing.

White electrical tape

Perfect for marking up a sound desk, marking where your band mates are going to stand, or for keeping your cables neat, electrical tape will save you considerable time during set up.

We stock a range of these items online or alternatively give the team a call or live chat if you are looking for anything in particular.