Over the new year there has been some incredibly interesting lighting releases, from moving heads, beams and grid lights we have some great lighting offers for you.

 These are some of our new in products we’d love to share!

 Equinox Six Shooter LED Effect Light

 This product is the perfect centrepiece for any DJ or club. Producing amazing beams of light across a room, crisscrossing and pulsing to the beam of your music. At an affordable price compared to your larger lighting fixtures this would be ideal if you’re on a budget yet still looking for an eye catching effect.

 LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Grid Light

At a slightly high price point this product offers full pixel mapping technology within a compact, rugged chassis allowing lighting designers and DJ’s to create unique on stage effects. Delivering a spectrum of colours, the Mini Pix 9 is sure to impress your crowd, chases and patterns are also accessible from a large number of internal programs.

 Equinox Gyrocopter Twin Rotating Moving Head

This dual axis twin moving head is great for those wanting a light fixture that will disperse across an entire room and will fill every corner. This product has a continuous 360-degree rotation in both directions, creating crisp beams of light.

 Showtec Phantom 4 in 1 Moving Head

At the top end of our list the Phantom is a stunning fixture, suitable for basic users aswell as the more advanced users. Equipped with IFS technology which helps the user to combine other IFS fixtures with similar functions to get synchronized. This fixture creates amazing light effects with will take your performance to the next level.

 ADJ 3D Vision Plus LED Panel

The Vision Plus is a unique item, with its hexagonal shaped LED panel this fixture creates stunning 3D visual effects when used in multiples. Perfect for clubs, bars and lounges the Vision Plus with definitely draw in an audience. You can give your own personal touch with this effect light as fitting this panels together is simple and easy allowing you to create unique displays. 

Thats all for our new in lighting products, be sure to check these out and do not hesitate to contact us if you have an questions. Remember for our higher priced products you can always apply for our finance scheme to help you spread the cost. Head over to Gearooz.com for more information.