As of today customers can purchase four new Mic Systems bought to us by KAM. The four new systems are:

KAM KWM1960 BP V2 Dual Bodypack UHF Wireless Microphone System

KAM KWM1960 HH V2 Dual Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone System

KAM KWM1940 HH V2 Dual Microphone Hand Held System

KAM BP1940 V2 Bodypack Transmitter With Headset Microphone Kit

Each of these new systems are simple and easy to set up. The KWM1960 BP V2, KWM1960 HH V2 and the KWM1940 HH V2 16 channel systems feature adjustable high gain antennas, meaning these mic systems can send and receive signals up to 50 metres away from the transmitter. As a result, they are perfect for large stages or small rooms for conferences etc. With up to 5 hours of continuous usage these systems are great!

The KWM1960 bodypack features a headset which is ideal aerobics instructors, but can also be used by performers. Similarly, the wireless microphones with the KWM1940 and 1960 HH units make these ideal for aerobic instructors, public speakers and performers who require movement without the complication of wires.

The KAM BP1940 V2 is a bodypack kit which is used in connection with the KWM1940 V2 receiver, which unfortunately is not included in this package. The product includes the bodypack transmitter with headset mic and a lavalier/lapel microphone with a connector cable. The headset is ideal for an aerobics instructor or public speaker, but can also be used by performers.