Gearooz are proud to present a new and exciting professional package, the ADJ AV6 Video Wall 5x3 System.

This incredible new package includes 15 AV6 Video Panels, 5 AV6RBI Rigging Bars, 1 MCTRL-300 Video Processor, 2 AV6FC Flight Cases, in addition to all the necessary cables needed. Each of the items within the package can also be purchased singularly online now.

Gearooz ADJ AV6 Wall System aims to enable its users to create stunning visual effects and video presentations on a 2880mm x 1728mm screen. Link all 15 panels via EtherCon and Powercon for data and power transfer. Each of these 6mm LED AV6 Video Panels feature a quick lock and release system, making the set up of these simple, quick and easy. What could be better?!

Furthermore, each of the AV6 boxes are controlled via a single MCTRL-300 control box which in turn links to your PC or laptop for processing, making this an essential accessory within the kit. The MCTRL-300 features one DVI signal source input and two pixel-data outputs for two independent screens. This controller is easily configured via USB and will drive up to 1.3 million pixels. In order to control the AV6 Wall System, users will require the included software to number and position each panel, creating desired projections and effects.

Each AV6 panel hangs from single panelled AV6RB1 rigging bars which also feature the same quick lock and release system. These rigging mounts are capable of hanging up to 20 panels in a vertical hang. However, in our special AV6 Video System package each of the 5 rigging bars will be holding just 3 panels.

Furthermore, included in our AV6 Video System package are two AV6 Flight Cases. Designed to safely transport and store up to 8 panels per flight case, these protective cases are durable, made from 9mm Plywood with steel ball corners and feature foam inlay and butterfly latches.

Designed for use in nightclubs, bars, bands, mobile entertainers, events productions and houses of worship. Make sure you stand out and impress with the AV6 video wall presentation system package bought to you by Gearooz.