USB sticks enable DJs to store thousands of songs and mixes without worrying about having a place to store them.

By saving them all onto USB sticks they can easily be plugged into a laptop or controller allowing users to easily transport their music and take it with them anywhere they go. The only question is, how do you organise all these songs?

Years ago DJs were organising all their vinyl and storing it in crates and boxes and in any spare space they had. This was also the same situation as with tape cassettes and CDs which were stacked on a shelf or in a large box.

Grouping songs onto a USB according to their genres or specific gigs is a great way of making it clear what songs you have and what you may need to add to the collection. Adding twice the amount of tracks you need for a long night of DJing is a necessity.

By creating playlists on Rekordbox, DJs can efficiently transfer sets of songs they plan to use onto a USB stick and by tagging each song properly; DJS can easily navigate through songs during their set. Be sure to tick all the necessary fields in Rekordbox that you will want to index when exporting tracks e.g. BPM, genre, key, artist etc. Users can also organise files in alphabetical or numerical order.

Another tip is to determine what CDJ settings your prefer, whether it be continous play/single play or cue behaviour and so on, these can be set with Rekordbox and also exported onto your USB stick. This allows DJs to arrive at the venue and simply load the preferences and the entire set the way you require.

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and that’s why it is important to have a plan B including a backup USB with identical content including playlists, tracks and CDJ preferences or have a second file of songs on your existing USB so you can be prepared for any problems that may occur.

Modern CDJs do have the Pro DJ Link feature that connects CDJs to each other so users can use one stick for two to four players, however older CDJs do not have this feature and users will need to have one USB stick per player.

If you have a large collection or multiple types of playlist then make sure you give yourself time to set up this system beforehand. 

If you are looking for some digital storage the Gearooz 8GB USB memory stick is a perfect storage solution. Compatible with PC, Mac, CDJs, Mixers and DJ controllers it comes with a clear presentation box and is ideal for any travelling DJ who is looking to carry their music with them everywhere they go. Order your USB memory stick online now.