Gearooz proudly presents Palmers Pedalbay Pedal boards. These pedal boards provide a perfect solution and are designed to store all commercially available floor-effects pedals enabling the user to have a quick and easy set-up.

These universal pedal boards are made of powder-coated aluminium, and the cross bars as well as the height and tilt of the pedal board can be changed and individually adjusted to suit the user’s needs and make room for those bulky shaped pedals and complex cable runs.  They are also covered with Velcro and have a large amount of hook straps included to ensure safe and secure transportation.

The sloped surface of these boards enable users to step on the footswitch on the back row of effects, the rear feet are adjustable in height, suit any surface, and are movable for the perfect and optimum tilt angle, this guarantees a firm foothold at any inclination.

The lightweight pedal board allows installation of all power supplies and commercially available floor effects. They can be mounted below the board making this a practical solution for pedal board storage. The pedal board also features four practical hooks on the underside so users can attach multiple power supplies to save space, and two elastic bands are supplied to ensure the user has simple fixture.

Compact, adjustable and hard-wearing are some of the key features of the Palmer pedal boards. Palmer makes transportation that little bit easier with its practical, high-quality padded soft case with a small compartment for those extra cables and a shoulder strap.  The included gig-bag is strong enough to carry the weight of a well loaded board. Alongside this other additional accessories include 3m hook tape and an allen key to secure and adjust the cross bars in place.

Unlike other boards the pedal bay comes with Velcro pre-attached reducing the risk of error as users don’t have to fiddle around with strips of Velcro and mean users can spend less time setting up and more time playing.

The pedal bay frame is a robust and durable structure that can fit roughly 12 pedals secured with Velcro. It is 605mm wide, 70-85mm tall and 305mm deep, the inner cross bars are 50mm wide and the cord length is 20-50cm.

Palmer enables users to set-up and start playing in minimal time, order the pedalbay online now.