Uplighting describes the effect used to light up walls and highlight features in your venue. The two most common forms of uplighting are by using LED par cans and LED light bars. These LED uplighters can be set to nearly any colour imaginable, and with DMX control the lights can be connected to a controller where the user can synchronise light shows and change the colour and speed of the uplights.

LED bars are strips of lights that are ideal for customising your event space. These units are ideal for wide colour washes on backdrops and curtains. They can be placed in strategic points throughout a room, and when switched on they give an even coverage of light across the chosen space. These bars are perfect for setting a particular mood or ambience, and the colours created can by chosen to match an event theme.

Uplighting using LED bars is extremely popular for large events, lighting up DJ booths and particularly weddings. When in use the bars can change colour throughout the night, change to the beat of music and produce a wide array of patterns and effects including a chasing rainbow effect. They can enhance the plainest of rooms into a vibrant space and make the most beautiful venues look more spectacular.

Considered to be the new wedding trend these LED bars are also suitable for nightclubs, halls and marquees - indoor and outdoor. They are available wirelessly meaning no hazardous cables will be on show.

LED par cans are often used to create powerful uplighting and uplight pillars, features or architecture.  Par stands for parabolic aluminized reflector and each light has a high powered bulb in front of a mirror that concentrates the light.  They can produce colours that can be set as static, changing through two, three or more colours. Par cans come in various shapes and sizes and the brightness can be instantly adjusted with dimmer controllers for times where you may need to lower the lights to show a video.  

The speed of these colour changes can also be set, even changing in time to the beat of the music. They are easy to set up and can be mounted onto a wall or fixed to a truss bar. One Par can is able to produce a wide range of beams simply by changing the lamp. These affordable, lightweight and versatile par cans are popular amongst clubs, theatres and churches where they are suited to uplighting feature pillars and columns.

Par lights mix colours of red, green, blue, amber and white to create a large palette of colours including oranges, whites and purples. They are available to be bought wirelessly and some now have rechargeable batteries in order to avoid power cables and cords at your event. Battery powered uplights means you event will look more aesthetically pleasing and are faster to set up. You can also place them in areas that would normally be inaccessible.

LED lighting fixtures and effects use far less electrical power than filament-based lamps. They offer a big advantage when performing in venues with limited electrical circuits and points they generate little heat making for a much more comfortable performing experience.

The life expectancy of LEDs far exceeds that of traditional lighting. LED fixtures also tend to be more durable since there are no fragile lamps or filaments that can be damaged during rough handling or transport or by vibrations.

Uplighting is a great way to transform dull spaces into ones that are truly unique, vibrant and entertaining. Both bars and pars produce light that creates depth and drama for your event by literally painting your space with light. They are cost effective and simple to use and allow you to coloour coordinate your venue.