The Gearooz team headed over to Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt earlier in the week to see this year's range of new products from a variety of different brands. 

Martin THRILL Range

Martin showcased their new affordable THRILL range which consisted of five fixtures; Multi-FX LED Centrepiece, Vertical Fogger, Mini Profile Moving Head, SlimPAR 64 and the SlimPAR Mini, all of which have high quality engineering and sleek aesthetics. 

The Multi-FX is a 3-in-1 LED light fixture that includes a laser in the centre and is surrounded by strobes. Users can expect to see crisp and sharp beams when using the Multi-FX. Equipped with its laser, strobe, and rotating coloured wash light effects with super bright output, the THRILL Multi-FX LED has exciting mid-air looks and has fantastic coverage. It is ideal for club and party environments.

The Vertical Fogger is an atmospheric fog machine that includes high powered LEDs which can offer excellent colour mixing. It simulates pyrotechnical effects resulting in a superb C02 effect that will keep your audience entertained thanks to its white dense cloud effects. Users can link it to multiple units for even bigger impact and it can be controlled via its 4-channel wireless remote control or via DMX for more advanced users.

If you are looking for a versatile and compact lighting fixture then the Mini Profile Moving Head is suitable for you! Users can integrate integrate the moving beams of light, shine spotlights and switch on the eight different GOBOs during live shows. Designed to give DJs and entertainers more control over their light shows, the fixture delivers sharp optics and it can be synchronised to music or controlled via DMX. 

The THRILL SlimPAR 64 LED is a bright and powerful LED Par can that up light and wash your party or event with full, intense and vibrant colours. With a five 12-watt bright RGB, white, amber and UV LED, the sit-flat design makes the light easy to slide under tables and DJ booths or easily tucked into a truss plinth.

Perfect for on-the-go entertainers and DJs, the SlimPAR Mini can illuminate any event with full and bright colours. It has Seven 3-watt RGB LEDs ideal for backlighting and washing.  Similar to the SlimPAR 64 it has pre-programmed colours and the lightweight unit can also be tucked into a truss or placed under a table. 

All of the new THRILL range can be pre-ordered and purchased online

LD Systems Maui P900

Working in partnership with the Porshe design studio, these superb speakers include 10" sub drivers, a low 16 mid-drivers and (RMS / peak) power of 1400 W / 2800 W.  A unique concept, this high-quality units are expected to be available in March 2018.


Showcasing a wide range of lighting fixtures including the Rogue Series and the new and exciting Maverick range!

The Rogue 1, 2 and 3 are professional quality spots that can produce a wide selection of washes thanks to their incredible output. 

Also featured were the MK2 Wash, MK1 Hybrid and MK2 Spot as part of the Maverick range. The new series is capable of making creative effects thanks to its wide range of capabilities including in-built zoom. Featuring 12 quad colour 40W LEDs they are extremely bright and are perfecting for touring musicians. 


Displaying their new speaker range, FBT has released the new SUBline series and the new X PRO series. All are handmade in Italy and have simple and smooth aesthetics.

An already popular range, the X PRO range is expanding with the addition of the 15-inch powered X-PRO 215A and a brand new subwoofer, the X-SUB 15SA. Available as passive and active, these high powered monitors are extremely versatile and designed to fit into any application. 

The SUBline range has class D amplification, bass reflex design and they are housed in birch and plywood enclosures. Suited to permanent installations and touring bands Gearooz hope to see the SUBline series available soon!

PRG Light Showcase

The finish the day the Gearooz team watched the fantastic PRG lighting display. The show saw a wide range of innovative products being used to create amazing effects and light up the auditorium every half an hour.