Enhance your event and uplight your party! Here at Gearooz we have a range of par cans that can be used to light up walls and highlight features of a venue.

LED par-cans can usually be set to nearly any colour imaginable. Alongside this, DMX control can be used to synchronise and customise light shows and change the colour and speed of the uplights and match your lighting to your music. 

Par cans are suitable for use in nightclubs, halls, large spaces and marquees and even outdoor as well as indoor use. 

We stock a variety of par cans including pairs, packages and wireless par cans.  Some also now have rechargeable batteries in order to avoid power cables and cords at your event. Wireless par-cans can also be placed in areas that are usually inaccessible.

If you are performing at a wedding, par cans can be beneficial to Photography and Videography as they can light up the dance floor and create fantastic effects and a lively environment. 

Perfect for setting ambience par-cans can refresh even the bleakest of rooms into a fun and vibrant space. Available in various shapes and sizes, our par cans are affordable and easy to use.

Settings including the brightness can be instantly adjusted so users can set an appropriate mood in their venue. 

Alongside purchasing affordable par cans you can now pay you par cans off monthly with our new and flexible finance options. You can apply for our interest free finance options over 6, 10 or 12 months. Alternatively you can apply for our 14.9% interest rate over 24 or 36 months allowing you to extend your payment plan. 

Shop our superb range of par cans online.