The Liteconsole is a portable and compact stand made from lightweight aluminium. The mobile DJ booth is fast and easy to assemble and is a perfect solution for any mobile DJ setup. It is extremely versatile and can be used for exhibitions, conferences and weddings.

If you want your Liteconsole to stand out at an event then there are so many ways you can personalise it.

The semi-opaque panels allow DJs to add a logo to the front and side panels by getting a custom designed vinyl logo or by having the acrylic laser cut and then adding a light source to backlight it.  This simple personalisation option is ideal at any event so members of the public can remember who you are and what your business is called.

DJs can also project images or words onto a screen, a concept popular with weddings it can personalise any event and make it unique.

For an all in one DJ rig, add a lighting gantry so you have enough space to rig your favourite lights and effects. It can be adjusted to a specific height and thanks to its horizontal design it is extremely stable. It can be purchased in aluminium, black or white to match the Liteconsole colours.

Another fantastic way of customising your console is by adding LED strips, perfect for club DJs the Led strips come in a variety of effects and most are available in RGBW.  If you are working in a nightclub or small venue the Liteconsole shield is a great solution in preventing drinks being spilled on your equipment. Alongside this having a kickboard at the bottom can also stop the audience from getting too close your console.

Uplighting is a popular choice for personalising a Liteconsole and DJs can backlight the panels to achieve a desired effect. If you want focus on the front panel then add a 50” plasma screen using a free-standing bracket, this can appeal to any event and it is a superb personalisation option for any venue.

With translucent Perspex side and front panels provided, these can be accentuated with effect lights to really show off the stylish design of the XPRS and make your stage presence all the more unforgettable.