Looking to update your set of headphones? Want pro studio headphones at an affordable price? The new C70’s from Pioneer are a superb choice. They will certainly not disappoint, with a lightweight design and a comfortable fit these are a true winner. Delivering amazing sound whether you’re in the studio or on the road. Eliminating background noise and giving you the best sound quality so you can listen to your tunes undisturbed. At such an affordable price you cannot skip out on this product. With so much bang for your buck these headphones truly offer incredible quality for it’s value.

The headband, head cushion and ear pads can all be replaced to give these headphones a long lasting lifespan. This set includes great features such as a flexible headband and rotatable housings, innovative sound-isolation chamber and built with rigours of frequent in mind, these are just a few features amongst many others. If you want to check out all the specs of this headset, then head over to our website for more information.