Gearooz introduces the new Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ controller. Designed for DJs on the road, it comes with three 7-inch touch screens that allow you to get intuitive control over audio and video features in rekordbox dj and rekordbox video directly from the hardware. The DDJ-RZX is a 4-channel professional controller suitable for anyone who wants to bring videos into their performance.

The DDJ-RZX features three touch screens teamed with advanced effects for viewing track information and applied pad effects alongside large jog wheels. Video previewing and monitoring is sharp and easily accessible on the 7-inch screens, and they give access to all the key features in both rekordbox dj and video plus pack.

The Three 7-inch touch screens give you direct access to track information such as titles, BPM and key using deck display mode, enlarged waveforms for each track, as well as loops and hot cues in mixer display mode. You can use the displays to preview and monitor video and image files, trigger Beat FX and Release FX, while Touch FX lets you add FX and adjust parameters by tracing on the x and y axes on the display.

The video processing algorithm gives highly dependable performance even when using high definition video files. You can create slideshows and Camera FX lets you show the live feed from a digital camera connected to your computer.

Two XLR combo input jacks give distortion-free microphone output and the 3-band Mic EQ and Mic FX allows you to tune each voice. Plus, this extensive FX unit includes Combo FX, Sampler Repeat FX, as well as the studio-quality Sound Colour FX from the DJM-900NXS2 mixer.

The rekordbox™ video plus pack for rekordbox dj lets the user manage image and video files in rekordbox, then play and mix them live on any of the controllers in the DDJ range as if they were audio tracks. The robust cross-fader can be used to mix two videos with a choice of 20 built-in FX thanks to Transition FX.

This new and revolutionary product from Pioneer presents new levels of control whilst remaining familiar to the Pioneer users. Users receive a Rekordbox Video free licence key meaning this controller gives the user the ultimate range of possibilities of play. Use it to load videos and image files to the decks from a laptop or stream live footage from a USB camera, then add text overlays and FX.

The DDJ-RZX is stacked with pro-DJ FX controls for rekordbox dj and external sound sources and this 4-channel controller has an independent sampler section for intuitive control of Beat Sync, quantize and trim on the sampler.

The oscillator sampler can be used to overlay 4 pre-set sounds - Noise, Sine, Siren and Horn - and modulate the output using the dial. The sampler also gives you the freedom to trigger and manipulate your own samples and save them.

The active censor feature can be used to apply reverse roll, echo or vinyl brake FX to disguise explicit words in tracks. The FX will then be heard whenever the track is played from rekordbox dj.

Dual USB jacks, sound cards and ports are used for DJ switchovers and this allows you to hook-up 2 computers at the same time and use the top-loaded A/B switch for seamless DJ transitions. This controller comes with a brushed aluminium top plate for a professional feel, a newly developed cross fader for smooth control over long-term use, and P-LOCK Fader Caps to prevent the fader knobs from droping off.

A comprehensive mixer this is will make a perfect addition to any club or bar looking to install a high-quality controller.

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