Plasa 2017 Highlights,

After 40 years Plasa has continued to grow and is still going strong. Year after year the show attracts new and exciting talent through its doors. The experience was amazing as always, with a solid mix of veteran industry professionals and young talent. Manufacturers are continuing to support Plasa and using it as an opportunity to launch new products. With the ever growing popularity of BPM the change in dates from September to October has given Plasa the chance to thrive through an already busy trade show season.

With a great love for Plasa. Coming from a theatre background it is always nice to keep a beat on the pulse with the greatest and latest innovations. As always the show floor was packed with inspiring brands offering a wide range of products from moving heads to set moving technology and flooring to cables and plugs.

FBT - Subline 112, 115 and 118

A brand new and improved range from FBT was shown and it has been reengineered from the ground up with the core users and market in mind. With added power over the previous models in smaller and lighter cabinets make this a must see product range. Keep an eye out on social media for the upcoming video on these as well as a proper demo and review from us.

ADJ – Element Series

Wireless? Battery? IP Rated? Par Cans. A product we have all seen before, however not at this price point. ADJ’s has taken a must have product and made it last longer, look better and most importantly cost less all without compromising on quality and output. With two different types and models both available in either indoor or outdoor models. At time of writing they are retailing for £219 for indoor and £249 for outdoor.  Gearooz are offering some amazing packages so we are sure to have the right one for you.

Chauvet – Maverick Pro-moving heads.

If you have some extra cash knocking around the Maverick range is the one for you. The whole range is built for touring life, they are insanely bright compared to its competitors but for larger productions and corporate events these are ideal. For example the Maverick MK2 profile, this is packing a 400W LED engine, two gobo wheels, CMY & CTO colour mixing plus prisms and a zoom and frost filter.

Equinox & LEDJ

Two amazing brands, constantly working to make professional technology at an accessible price. With some exciting products in the works and the continued growth of their line of affordable yet impressive products, these are definitely two brands to keep an eye on.


The new Spark Blaster 5 is going to make a real impact on the wedding and corporate event market as it finally makes pyrotechnic style effects safe and affordable for the DJ. With a fantastic price point this product is bound to be a popular one in the coming year.

After an incredible year will we be back? Absolutely.