A few unsuspecting London tube commuters were in for a surprise when they stepped into a Drum ‘n’ Bass rave inside a car on Monday night.

The tube rave took place as the train travelled from Embankment to Paddington and was complete with flashing lights, a sound system and an MC.

The party lasted several stops where MC Harry Shotta got commuters dancing before British Transport police broke it up. Even the police seemed bemused by the bizarre situation when they posted about it on Twitter later.

“Whilst officers relish any opportunity to experience underground drum and bass,” a spokesperson for the British Transport Police said. “We’d kindly ask DJs to refrain from using the Tube as a pop-up club.”

The rave appears to be the work of internet prank group Trollstation and featured a performance by DJ Discoboy and Shotta, an award-winning MC who at first pretended to be an unsuspecting member of the general public before he got on to the microphone.

A member of the prank group tweeted: “Everyone was enjoying it and it only took up part of one carriage so I didn’t see any real disruption. It was only on it for two or three stops but everyone seemed to be enjoying it,” one told the paper. Police, meanwhile, are hoping this particular club night does not repeat.

A video uploaded to YouTube showed people entering the carriage, some dancing to the music and others were stepping closer to the action.

The BTP Paddington Twitter account recounted that the ravers were “lighthearted” and “co-operative” when the rave was shut down by authorities.

Watch the video below.