For some 2018 was an overall success you may have written and produced some amazing music, built a loyal fan base or even released an album. For others it may not have been the year you hoped for, whichever one you may resonate with 2019 is a new year and the perfect time step things up. The industry is constantly moving forward so even at the height of your career it’s important to keep going, to try new things and to be open to new opportunities even if it isn’t in your plan. Here are some tips to help you further your career in the New Year.

 Up until now you may have stuck to a certain sound or genre, you’ve found success with your music so why change anything. As mentioned before the industry is always on the move and it encourages artists to switch things up and to try something new, so staying in the same lane may hinder your career in the long run. As a musician you will want to grown with the industry and those within it, the New Year is a great time to experiment with your sound, techniques or style.

In our previous post we spoke about our new year’s resolutions and how we can work to ensure we achieve those by the end of 2018. It’s always great to have goals and aspirations but it’s also important for your career to take on opportunities that may come your way, even if they are not always in line with your end goal. The industry is so unpredictable which is definitely not a bad thing, it has allowed musicians to achieve things they never expected so enjoy any opportunity that may arise.

The New Year is a great time to experience a new direction, whilst working on your avenue of choice I would encourage you to keep your options open when it comes to the direction you want to go in. Enjoy as many aspects of the industry as you can, combine more than one passion. You may ultimately want to be a solo artist, writing and performing your music but think about joining a band or using your music for film, TV or even video games. There are so many exciting parts of the industry, and you can do so much more than you may realise so be open to experiencing it all.

If the New Year is seeming a little daunting and you’re unsure where to go with your career in 2019 then you can always go to your friends, family or fans, those who have been supporting you up until now. If you’ve built a solid fan base then I’m sure they have a few ideas of what they would like to see from you. You will probably get a few unrealistic suggestions but you may also gain some inspiration so it’s worth asking.

Hopefully the New Year will be full of new and exciting opportunities and may 2019 be the best year yet.