Our PA selection and designated showroom space is a very important part of our showroom.

The point of PA speaker demonstrations is to provide customers with product comparisons, enabling them to purchase a product based on what they heard and not just what they saw.

On a typical day when a customer comes in to the showroom enquiring about PA there is generally a specific brand they are interested in. One of our showroom team members will then ask for some general information about what they would like the speaker to achieve, such as the type of music being played and the range at which they require the sound to travel to. With this information we can then play various songs and styles showing the range and capability of each speaker, tailoring the PA Demo to the customers needs.

The next key part in this process is the blind test which is next to take place. The blind test enables customers to travel round the showroom and with their backs to the speakers, listen to various speakers. By doing so customers are able to listen to each speaker and decide which is best suited to their needs and requirements.

When blind testing in the showroom a Gear4DJs team member will use an iPad with Mackie DL32R software working in conjunction with the mixer to control each speaker. This powerful 32-channel mixer is completely wireless, controlled via your iPad, featuring direct-to-drive multi-track recording/playback and an ultra-compact 3U rack-mount design. The Master Fader control app delivers extremely intuitive control over everything, including the ability to digitally recall each and every setting for incredibly fast setup.

When purchasing your own PA system we believe it is essential you come and visit us in store in order to hear our range of speakers. We aim to provide a personal experience helping you to make the right speaker decision.

If you would like to be able to control everything, from anywhere, purchase the Mackie DL32R from us here: