Instagram is one of the most popular platforms available, making it one of the hardest ones to grow a substantial following on. Unlike Spotify Instagram targets every kind of consumer, you don’t have to be a music enthusiast to use Instagram because it also provides us with travel, fashion, art and sport, anything you can think of its on Instagram. This makes it tougher to stand out amongst the crowd, photos are better, content is richer, it’s much harder to be original on a platform that has done it all.

With that being said it does not mean it’s impossible to build your own community on Instagram, it just takes passion and determination. Here are a few things that may help you grow your following on such a huge platform.

Although your ideas may not be completely original (whose are these days), you are original. Tell your story; use your photos and captions as well as your Instastories to let audiences in on your journey in the music industry. The difference with Instagram against other platforms such as Spotify is that it’s much more personal and consumers want to see into aspects of your life. If you’re quite private then that’s fine you just need to find that balance, but ultimately just posting ads and promotional content won’t cut it.

As annoying as hashtags might be they are useful, they can bring in an audience so make sure you’re always using appropriate hashtags but don’t go overboard. Include #music #musician #playlist etc to target the right kind of audience, don’t tag anything that isn’t relevant people don’t appreciate that.

Another suggestion is to make sure you’re posting consistently, as mentioned above people do not respond well to adverts being pushed their way so keep these posts interesting. There is such thing as posting too much so to have a good balance I would advise you to post a photo every other day and regular Instastories and live shows in between, this way followers feeds are not completely full with your content but they are still able to connect with you if they desire through your stories and shows throughout the day. With your content popping up so often you won’t be forgotten, slacking on content can most definitely lose you followers so make sure you keep up.

On a similar note you may not have considered it before but the time you post can have a serious effect on your engagement and following. You can do a bit of research using analytics to find out where most of your fans come from, if it’s generally one place then you can pick a specific time to post so that more people see it (the afternoon/evening is when most people are online). If your fans are situated all across the globe then its best you post morning, afternoon and night in order to reach all the different time zones.

If you’re stuck for ideas stick to posting clips from your studio sessions, performances and free time as well as some informative content every now and then about tour dates or music releases. Audiences also like Q&A’s as well as tags so make sure you try to get involved in any popular ones that are going around, these are not only fun but the perfect way for your fans to get to you the person behind the mic.

This one isn’t as important, ultimately followers are more interested in the content rather than worrying whether your photos match or not. But if you want to stand out then it’s worth putting a bit more time into your photography. An instagram theme is a popular thing amongst avid Instagrammers, sticking to a certain colour scheme, location or set up will make your photos like uniform and well put together. Instagram is extremely visual so it makes sense that you can gain a large number of followers purely through your photography, if you feel you can upgrade your content visually then it can gain you a serious following.

Lastly it’s important to get involved; this goes for all your social media platforms. Reply to comments, have discussions and generally engage with others.  You can’t expect people to like your photos and follow you if you don’t do the same, follow your favouite artists and even fans who are just getting started in the industry remember to help and support others around you.