We’ve covered a lot of topics surrounding song writing and breaking into the music industry but not everyone feels they want to start with an original song. It takes a lot of confidence to record and release something completely your own, people have strong opinions and it’s perfectly fine if you want to start of slow. Many musicians start off releasing covers, it’s much easier than performing an original but still allows you to get a feel for things and how an audience may react to your voice.

There is however a few things you will want to work on when recording a cover to allow yourself to still stand out rather than simply being another video within the enormous collection of covers released online. As nice as it is to hear a variety of different versions of your favourite song audiences want to hear something different, something creative. Here are a few tips on how you can make your cover stand out amongst the rest.  

Starting with the song itself, if you’re an aspiring musician then you’re naturally a creative person use this to put our own spin on the song. You can use the security of the lyrics to start you off but try playing around with speed, tempo and style. Maybe you’re generally a rock artist, try taking a popular pop song and turning it into something that suits the genre. Audiences can be surprised by an artist’s rendition of a song and it can introduce them to new music, genres and artists. If you have the ability to not only capture an audience but open up peoples mind to new styles then you’re on the right track.

When it comes to filming your videos try and stay away from any outdated techniques, a typical sit down and sing style is still effective as long as you’re able to convey enough emotion on screen. If that’s not the right kind of thing for you then try some different techniques, play around with the camera angles and editing. You can draw inspiration from other popular covers but it’s important to put originality into it, do not copy other musicians work.

Make the most of other hobbies or talents you may have, if you can draw, paint, design or dance use this in your videos. Whatever it may be try and make it recognisable, maybe your drawing style is unique or you have specific editing techniques. Whether its art, film, editing or sports use any resources you have to add a personal touch.

The environment can also have a huge effect on your video, and can also add another personal touch. Since audiences will see a cover photo before hearing your voice it’s important to use visuals, make the environment around you inviting, audiences like to feel involved rather than simply watching from a distance. You’ll likely be recording at home which is great as it’s much more relatable to the audience and can create a comfortable atmosphere for you and the viewer.

Include friends and family (even the furry kind), audiences love to see you interact with people on screen and who doesn’t love a duet or group performance. Not only does it add interest but it adds variety, it’s nice to hear different sounds and voices on a song that may normally be a solo. A great example of this is a Taylor Swift (Blank Space) cover by I Prevail, not only a song originally performed as a solo but is a pop song sung by a punk rock band. They added originality by using their own style and introducing different techniques into the cover.