Music is a powerful tool, it helps people feel, understand and deal with hardships. Music isn’t a mindless piece of entertainment, listeners connect to songs and for whatever reason through music we can reflect on what we are going through personally. No matter what we might be dealing with emotionally or physically any one song can bring people together simply because we all relate to it in some way. There are many reasons why music is so compelling but here are just a few.

For a lot of people myself included, music can give us a strong connection to a person, place or memory we might have. It’s why so many people are able to reminisce when a certain song is playing, Christmas music may make us thing of time with family or a moment of happiness or a love song might make us think of a past relationship. Whatever it may be music is a hugely powerful tool that enables people to look into their past and I think it’s one of the reasons we connect so much with music.

On a similar note we are able to relate to music, we are able to see ourselves in the lyrics. Whether you’ve just been through a breakup, lost a friend or anything of that nature a song may help you realise that you aren’t alone. With a really great song listeners can feel a connection between them and the musician, a sense of familiarity and understanding.

Of course some listeners don’t want to reminisce or to be reminded of their hardships but rather they want to use music to escape. Whether we want to get away from a frustrating situation, a boring train ride or we just want to step away from day to day life, if music can help us completely detach from reality then it’s a truly powerful thing.  

It’s inspiring; a song can be just the thing you need to get out of the rut you may be in. Music can inspire a new thought or idea; it can give you the boost you need to do something great. The fact that sounds and lyrics can be so influential shows how meaningful and important music is to listeners.  Similarly it can control emotions, just as it inspires a new thought it can also inspire a feeling. Music can make us feel good when we are down, it can make us feel strong when we are weak, music has been proven to have the power to activate all kinds of emotions making it a true healer.