Carrying your decks around the world? Need to protect them from knocks and bumps during your tour?

Then look no further as here at Gearooz we stock a wide selection of Decksavers.  

Decksaver manufacture high-quality covers so DJs can protect their mixers, CDJs, controllers and turntables effectively. Made from premium quality polycarbonate, Decksaver use the latest technology to create their thin and durable covers.

Some DJs may choose to cover their controllers and laptops with plastic wrap; however this may cause overheating to your computer and gear and make it difficult to use the knobs and faders on your controller.  Decksaver offer an alternative solution.

The covers are tailor made for any setup and provide the ideal protection from liquid spillages, knocks, and accidental damage and hard impact. The polycarbonate is a material used in bullet proof glass so your equipment is guaranteed to be protected.

Decksaver is used by professional DJs; the covers sit securely over your decks and are simply placed over without having to be fixed or secured in placed. They can be easily removed and their clear finish means that the look of your equipment isn’t altered or changed, and the safety of your gear isn’t compromised.

Users can easily transport their decksavers and their lightweight design makes them a suitable transportation solution for on-the-go DJs.

If your equipment is stored in a studio or venue then the Decksaver can keep your gear free from dust and dirt, therefore lengthening the lifespan of your DJ gear.

All their covers are suitable for an extensive range of branded DJ equipment, including Pioneer, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Behringer, Numark, Rane and more.

Our full range of Desksaver protective covers are available to order online.